S&P transition

Tue Oct 1, 2019

On October 27, 2005, I posted a short item on my blog about the then new open access journal Logical Methods in Computer Science and wrote “Maybe this will inspire us to get something similar off the ground in semantics etc.”

In my email inbox soon after, I found an email from David Beaver saying “Do you mean it?” More than a year of discussions and loads of work ensued.

We made the first public announcement about S&P at SALT 17 at UConn in May 2007. We opened for submissions in November 2007.

Our first two articles were:

David and I didn’t know whether this project would succeed but we were sure it was the right thing to try. We are now convinced that it was a success. The main empirical argument for this is that two very busy, established scholars at the top of our field have agreed to take the reigns.

Today on October 1, 2019, Louise McNally and Kjell Johan Sæbø officially take over as editors-in-chief of S&P.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the journal: the entire S&P editorial team, past and present, the LSA as our publisher, the many reviewers who contribute their time and effort, and the authors who entrust their work to us. I think we can all be very proud of what we have achieved. The field is the better for it.