Some notes about getting in touch with me

  1. The only realiable way to contact me is via email. I typically respond within 24-48 hours during working hours (9am-5pm on weekdays).

  2. If we know each other (we’ve met in real life, you’ve taken classes with me, etc.), please email me with whatever is on your mind.

  3. If you are from “the media” and wish to interview me or commission a piece for your outlet, please email me.

  4. If you are looking for a research position with me (MIT UROP, postdoc, …), I do not have any such positions.

  5. If you are interested in MIT Linguistics as a prospective undergraduate or prospective PhD student, you can email me, but you should first study the relevant pages of the department website: Undergraduate Program, Graduate Program, Graduate Admissions.

  6. If you are interested in visiting MIT Linguistics as a visiting student from another PhD program, as a visiting scholar, or as a self-funded postdoc, and would like me to support your visit, you can email me, but first make sure that our research interests are truly compatible. Please also consult the relevant pages of the department website: Visitor Programs.

  7. My research is in semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, and intersections thereof. I employ formal methods rooted in mathematics and logic. To gauge whether we are on similar wavelengths, here’s a rule of thumb that I adapt from the focus statement of the journal Semantics and Pragmatics that I co-founded:

    If your work does not strongly engage with works published in the leading journals in semantics (Linguistics & Philosophy, Natural Language Semantics, Journal of Semantics, and S&P) and/or work in the proceedings of the major semantics conferences (SALT, Amsterdam Colloquium, Sinn und Bedeutung), it is unlikely that our research interests are sufficiently compatible.